Friday, July 10, 2009

The Advocate Outs Hatemonger Perez Hilton

In an article titled 'Putrid Perez,' the largest gay magazine in the country outs radical homosexual Perez Hilton (a.k.a Mario Lavandeira) for what he is: a hatemonger.

Most of America only first heard of celebrity gossip-monger Perez after his vitriolic attacks on Miss California Carrie Prejean for answering his question truthfully: she believes marriage is between male and female. That answer cost her the the Miss Universe crown and ultimately her Miss California title as well. (There were several gay judges on the panel and Lavandeira proudly admitted he marked Prejean way down.)

He posted a nasty video diatribe in which he labeled Prejean a half-brained dumb bitch and said "If that girl would have won Miss USA, I would have gone up onstage—I shit you not—I would have gone up onstage, snatched that tiara off her head and run out the door."

After some due public criticism, Hilton explained on Larry King he hadn't really bashed Prejean for her beliefs, he just felt a candidate for Miss USA should offer more inclusive answers. (Duh, so how's that work again? In the bashing video Lanvandeira explained that if Prejean didn't believe in gay marriae, she should have sidestepped the answer.)

Perez also moronically suggested that as Miss California her answer was inappropriate-- ignoring the fact that Californians first voted with a large margin to pass a state Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and voted for a constitutional amendment (Prop 8) in order to thwart gay activists aided by the California Supreme Court to disenfranchise the entire vote for DOMA.

It is indeed refreshing to seea gay publication ask the obvious: "How has this half-literate typist become one of the most prominent gay people in the country? "

The Advocate agrees that "Prejean's answer was hardly the stuff of controversy, or at least it ought not to have been" since she answered in the mildest manner possible while still sticking to her beliefs.

"It is to our detriment that [vitriolic rhetoric and] this nasty tone is slowly taking over the movement. When you portray anyone who disagrees with you as a hater ... gays mimic the behavior of their worst enemies," he writes.

"For too long, Lavandeira has been allowed to get away with his vulgar shtick, aided and abetted by a media and readership that lives in fear of his poison mouse and delights in his catty sniping."

The Advocate author deserves credit for some journalistic courage.