Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Media distorts Pope's remarks on homosexuality

A reporter asked Pope Francis about a Vatican monsignor named Battista Ricca who allegedly engaged in homosexual relationships years ago while living in Latin America. Pope Francis answered simply, “If a person is gay and accepts the Lord, and has good will, who am I to judge them?” While the words of Pope Francis are accurately reported, the implications made by gay-friendly media are false.

The only news is that Pope Francis’ remarks exposed the long-standing lie propagated  by gay activists and proxies in the media that the Catholic Church hates homosexuals (and women).

The media is heralding a new Catholic Church where gay priests are accepted and gay “brothers and sisters” are not marginalized. Unfortunately, the media glossed over the critical qualifiers “accepts the Lord and has good will.”

In Christendom, accepting Christ and being of good intent carry expectations.  In the fullest sense, this means rejection of sin and avoiding the near occasions of sin, which by extension also means rejection of active homosexuality in all of its forms and implications.

So what, then, is the media (dis)missing? Sexual sin is still sin. As the Holy Father went on to confirm, “The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem . . .  they’re our brothers.”   The Catholic Church teaches acceptance of sinners and forgiveness of sin; not acceptance of sin.

The media routinely exploits the meaning of a simple statement, includes 'facts' that cannot be checked, or exaggerates conclusions from research when it benefits its LGBT friends.

A 1993 study by Dean Hamer and his colleagues claimed to find evidence of a gay gene. Proof of this gene’s existence was splashed across front pages and covers of major media nationally, partly because it buttressed the civil rights arguments that homosexuality is innate, like race or gender. The media stories went much farther than even Hamer claimed. But when George Rice, a neuroscientist at the University of Western Ontario, refuted Hamer’s findings completely, nary a word was reported.

Over the years, it has been common for a gay-friendly media to mention in a report, as a matter of fact, that some foreign culture or ancient society not only sanctioned but elevated homosexuality as divine. Before 9/11, some activists went so far as to claim that Islam embraced homosexuality.

Hard to believe today, but in the Golden Age of Hollywood, conservatism reigned. That didn’t stop Home Box Office from making the "documentary" The Celluloid Closet. The producers purported to document that, even in  ultra-conservative Hollywood in the 1950s and early 1960s, movies were "coded" with subtle homosexual shadings and nuances.

When pressed by the Television Critics Association, the producers admitted they had no documentation—no director's notes or producer's memos—to support their theory. Nevertheless, the “documentary” aired in 1996 leaving the audience with the impression that icons like John Wayne, Charlton Heston, and Doris Day winked at homosexuality—maybe even approved.  In essence, celebrity endorsements.

Even respected evangelicals like Dr. Scott Lively fell into the latest trap. “Previous popes have shown mercy to homosexuals by acknowledging that mere temptation to sin is not itself sin,” Lively said in an e-mail alert. “But, Francis seems to have crossed a critical theological boundary and affirmed homosexuality as a legitimate basis for defining one's identity.”

Many may identify with Lively’s slippery slope concern.  For decades, gay activists have worked hard to undermine the moral authority of churches by painting orthodox Christianity as a homosexual hating primeval obsolete backwater.

The LA Times reported, “Pope Francis made surprisingly conciliatory remarks about the role of gay people in the Roman Catholic Church and his willingness to accept them uncritically, touching off a worldwide debate over how big a shift the new pontiff was endorsing.”

But, the pontiff endorsed nothing new nor crossed a theological boundary.  Matthew 7:1 is still in force: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Pope Francis simply reminded us (and the media) of the boundary between discerning sin and judging it.

Susan Milligan at U.S. News writes, “It was a startling comment, even though it didn't really represent any change in policy. . . .  Francis could have just reiterated the Catholic Church's outdated and unkind attitude towards homosexuals.”

Perhaps many in the media would be less startled in the future if they dedicated more time to understanding and objectively reporting on the teachings of the oldest and largest Christian church in the world rather than demonizing them for political purposes.

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Imposing your faith" on others: The big lie of our time.

From the blogosphere to mainstream media to the halls of Congress, the war cry of social progressives for decades has centered on the separation of church and state.  They claim that (primarily) Christians force their faith on others if they support laws to limit abortion, stop the redefinition of marriage, or defend recognition of God in public places or documents.  This is the biggest and most dangerous political lie of the century.

The underlying premise of this political propaganda is that conservatives who hold a Christian worldview deserve no right to vote, speak, or petition the government. Voters may be informed by secularism, humanism, or even communism—but not Christianity. 

Like 1984 or Brave New World, many in government and the media are purveyors of good-think and bad-think.  They see Christian beliefs as impediments to ‘progress,’ to conformance with new manmade freedoms that are morally blind or at least incoherent.

When progressives fail to silence a believer, they try to discredit or destroy him or her by comparing Christians with the Taliban, or theocracies that oppress religious freedom.  By protecting freedom of conscious for over 200 years, America became the longest free democracy in human history.  America never became a theocracy.

Scare tactics do not have to make sense, just the news. 

Discussing this insidious lie now is not about the next election or any election.  Discrediting faith, and the faithful, creates a vacuum for progressives to fill every day.  That has consequences every day.

For example, progressives are obsessed with promoting sex as freedom: contraception, abortion, and hedonism coupled with disassociating sex from morality, procreation, marriage, parenting, and the family.  In schools, in government, in the marketplace of ideas, they see “antiquated” Christian values as the enemy.  The fallout, no matter how astounding, is ignored.

National Fatherhood Initiative finds “there is a ‘father factor’ in nearly all of the social issues facing America today…. over 24 million children live apart from their biological fathers. That is 1 out of every 3 (33%) children in America. Nearly 2 in 3 (64%) African American children live in father-absent homes. One in three (34%) Hispanic children, and 1 in 4 (25%) white children live in father-absent homes. In 1960, only 11% of children lived in father-absent homes.”

Yet, our president remains cocksure that more of the sickness is the cure:  Obamacare mandated funding of abortion and comprehensive sex education is exploding to the tune of about $3.375 billion over three years. 

None of this creates families or protects children or liberates women.  Skyrocketing billions of dollars for food stamps, welfare, and “reproductive health” are symptoms, not the cure. 

Alexis de Tocquville visited America in the 1830s.  When he reflected on America’s great democratic experiment in Democracy in America, he observed that American institutions of government depend for their existence on certain “habits of the heart.”  These habits are not government inventions but rather certain civic and religious associations.

He wondered what would happen to American democracy when these civic and religious associations, these habits of the heart, these core principals, no longer exist or are valued.

The great Czech playwright-philosopher Vaclav Havel provides an ominous glimpse.  He describes the “culture of the lie” in his essay, The Power of the Powerless.  It was penned in 1978 during the era of the Iron Curtain and “eliminating all expressions of nonconformity”.

“The complete degradation of the individual is presented as his ultimate liberation; depriving people of information is called making it available; … the repression of culture is called its development; … banning independent thought becomes the most scientific of world views; … the lack of free expression becomes the highest form of freedom… Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future.”

Individuals need not believe all these mystifications, but they must behave as though they did…. They need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it.”

Will we accept life with and in the lie?  

Friday, July 19, 2013

America joins in on the #GreatKateWait; even as they protect abortion

With Kate now a couple of days late, thousands and thousands of tweets under the hash tag #GreatKateWait are trending from common folk and journalists alike.

Many have expressed both humor and exasperation at the delay as the royal baby watch has entered its second week. It is hard to imagine such joy and near hysteria over an impending birth.

One tongue-in-cheek tweeter asked, “I know I should have learned this in Health class but when royal babies ‘crown,’ it’s a real crown, right?” Ken Olshansky, senior producer at CNN, tweeted “A dilate and a dollar short.”

Major networks all over the world are reporting the tiniest details almost hourly. While media outlets debate the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date, odds makers have opened up betting on the actual delivery time and what the baby will be named.

It has been reported that anyone born in Britain on the same day as the royal baby will receive a special coin from the Royal Mint—a silver penny that will come in either a blue pouch for a boy or a pink one for a girl.

Much import is given to the fact that Baby Cambridge—the child of Prince William and Kate Middleton—will be third in line for the throne after Prince Charles and Prince William.

No wonder celebratory gun salutes by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery in Green and the Honorable Artillery Company at the Tower of London are planned for the baby’s arrival. What is a wonder is that all this excitement and planning is for something that, in America, has no legal identity and no right to live.

After all, according to Roe v. Wade, prior to birth, “it” isn’t a person, right? Why celebrate a mass of cells that is not yet even a human being?

In America, the future king or queen of England has no rights even hours before his or her birth. Just ask Planned Parenthood, Kermit Gosnell, or icon of late-term abortion LeRoy Carhart.

Just ask President Obama.

Yet, Baby Cambridge is third in line to the monarchy as a zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus, or baby. That reality is part of the fun, the excitement—and the truth.

But in America, even tonight, this baby could be swept out of existence, simply on a whim.

There may be no people in the world outside the British Commonwealth who love the royals as much as Americans do. The images of their marriages, deaths, and babies regularly grace the pages of Us and People, and the screens of entertainment shows.

We wept for Diana as we wept for JFK. From the quaint heartland to the highfalutin denizens of New York City skyscrapers, Americans forget their politics and talking points to rejoice in the anticipated pomp and circumstance of a royal birth.

What makes this cultural phenomenon possible? It is that, as humans, all of us know in our hearts that any baby—whether from Lubbock or from London—is, always has been, and always will be, a precious new life that brings hope of things and dreams yet to come.

In short, even before he is born, everyone knows a baby is a baby.

Monday, July 15, 2013

SCOTUS and DOMA: Not enough rights to go around

In order to satisfy the cultural fashion of the moment, the Supreme Court of the United States is once again creating a new “landmark” right that subordinates universal constitutional rights. In its ruling on a suit to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act, United States v. Windsor, the Court ruled that the federal government must recognize a foreign (Canadian) marriage of a lesbian couple from New York, which allows same-sex marriage.

In a second ruling, Hollingsworth v. Perry, SCOTUS declared that the parties defending Proposition 8 — a constitutional amendment by California voters codifying marriage as between one man and one woman — had no standing to do so.

Pro-gay California governor, Jerry Brown, refused to defend activist challenges to Proposition 8. This set up the “no-standing” loss. SCOTUS decided that if the California government was unwilling to defend its own laws, this amounted to a de facto default that now nullifies the votes and will of California’s own citizens.  Man/man and woman/woman marriages will now resume in California.

Likewise, President Obama swore to uphold our laws but “evolved” on homosexuality. Without another election to restrain him, Obama is totally out of the closet: His Department of Justice informed the Supreme Court that it would not act to defend DOMA, a law overwhelimingly passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton. That leaves the U.S. House of Representatives to step in.

Some see these rulings as the Roe v. Wade of the homosexual cause. Consider the comparison.

The right for a mother to kill her unborn child is also nowhere to be found in the Constitution. In 1973, it was accepted by the Supreme Court majority in Roe v. Wade drawing upon the earlier 1965 contraceptive case Griswold v. Connecticut. Time magazine described the ruling as a judicial free-for-all that produced six opinions and a shaky new ‘right of privacy’ concept that is bound to baffle judges for many more years.”

To create this new right to abortion for women, the Court had to take away the 14th Amendment rights of all unborn human beings: “Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

If abortion advocates did not know in 1973 that they were unleashing partial birth abortion, post-birth infanticide and abortion industry houses of horror like Gosnell in Philadelphia, Alexander in Michigan, Karpen in Houston, Planned Parenthood in Delaware, and others across the nation, they certainly knew that they were fighting to replace an unborn baby’s right to life for someone else’s right “to choose.”

The 14th Amendment was intended by our Founding Fathers to obligate our government to equal protection of every human being, but activists twisted it to enable over 55 million unborn persons to be put to death by surgical abortion in the 40 years since Roe.

Now, the 14th Amendment is being used to put the 1st Amendment rights of freedom of religion, association and speech in harm’s way. Any “right” to same-sex marriage must undercut universal constitutional rights: It may have far less to do with “love” than the legal power to subjugate.

Dana Loesch at compiled some quick examples: Elane Photography in New Mexico declined same-sex wedding photography work, citing the owners’ Christian faith. They were sued and ordered to pay $6,600 in attorney fees. An employee of Allstate insurance wrote an essay online disagreeing with same-sex marriage and was reportedly fired from his job as a result.

A Methodist church in New Jersey was sued and lost, for not offering its facility for same-sex weddings. Catholic Charities was barred from assisting in adoptions to anyone in Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and Illinois because it declined to consider same-sex couples.

New Jersey’s Civil Rights Division sued and “really damagedeHarmony for not offering gay matchmaking. Gay sites were already available and eHarmony’s proprietary system was based upon the Christian founder’s 35 years as a clinical psychologist counseling heterosexual married couples.

“This government is acknowledged by all, to be one of enumerated powers,” stated Chief Justice Marshall in McCulloch v. Maryland. America is also a nation of enumerated rights intended for “We the people,” not only the people in current favor by politicians or courts.

When politicians and black robes diminish constitutionally enumerated rights for all in order to conjure rights for the select, only one result is possible: Not enough rights to go around.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IRS, Benghazi, and AP scandals are poison to the democratic process

Just as the IRS, Benghazi, and Associated Press scandals seem to be spinning beyond the control of the White House, there is yet another revelation: Fox News Channel reporter James Rosen was named as a criminal co-conspirator by the FBI in 2009. Rosen, who is Fox News’ chief Washington correspondent, had published a story about North Korea that year.

One can only wonder if the timing of this latest revelation is a warning shot to news media outlets that finally seem interested in providing some substantive coverage of these scandals. But no one should wonder whether the IRS targeting of conservative groups was merely a “rogue” operation.

As the Daily Caller reports, “[M]any prominent Democrats — including Montana Sen. Max Baucus, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the New York Times editorial board — had been publicly calling for tighter restrictions on 501(c)(4) groups affiliated with the [T]ea [P]arty and conservatives.

“Last year, Schumer, along with Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Tom Udall, Jeanne Shaheen and Al Franken, penned a letter calling on the agency to cap the amount of the political spending by groups masquerading as ‘social welfare organizations.’”
Even if this concern was justified, it does nothing to explain why only conservative groups were put on the IRS “Be on the Lookout” list, an alert put out by law enforcement when a crime has been committed.

This is far more serious than harassment. These delays were not just intimidation; government literally choked the opposition’s ability to raise funds to get its message out.

The Rosen revelation follows the disclosure that the Obama administration also tapped the phones of as many as 100 AP reporters in another “national security” investigation, including the general phone lines for AP bureaus in New York City; Hartford, Connecticut; and Washington, DC; along with a line for AP reporters in Congress.

This adds to growing worries that the administration is willing to abuse the power of many of its agencies and departments in order to stifle whistleblowers, political dissent, and now even the press.

Obama’s war on Fox News is no longer news: Team Obama consistently tries to marginalize the dominant conservative cable news outlet by referring to it as “opinion journalism masquerading as news,” “unpatriotic”, and not a “legitimate” news source. Fox gets frozen out of interviews and allowed to ask few questions, compared to ABC and other media outlets.

A recent Pew Research Study found MSNBC “by far the most opinionated” news outlet, with barely 15 percent of its programming described as “factual reporting” ― one-third the amount Pew reported for Fox News. Yet, neither Obama nor his proxies have cast any similar dispersions on that outlet.

The anxiety is not just about the White House possibly attempting to suppress the big boys like Fox News or AP.

The Blaze reports, “Before the 2012 presidential election, a St. Louis anchor of KMOV-TV was granted an interview with President Obama. Many were surprised when Larry Conners got straight to the issues, confronting the president about his lavish vacations while others are cutting back.”

Conners initially brushed off the sudden interest that the IRS showed. Now, after the IRS scandal, he recently posted on his Facebook page, “I don’t accept ‘conspiracy theories,’ but I do know that almost immediately after the interview, the IRS started hammering me.”

In addition to the hundreds of politically conservative groups the IRS admits targeting, similar stories are emerging from pro-life and pro-family groups. One pro-life group received an IRS letter demanding that it submit a letter to the agency signed by its entire board, stating that “… under perjury of the law, they do not picket/protest or organize groups to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood.”

Sarah Hall Ingram, former commissioner of the IRS Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division that targeted Tea Party and other organizations, now heads up the IRS division that enforces Obamacare, which, in its annual report, Planned Parenthood proclaims it helped “shape.” Obama is a militantly pro-abortion president closely tied to Planned Parenthood.

Today, the LA Times reported that Lois Lerner, current head of that IRS unit, will invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer questions from Congress this Wednesday.

Is all of this mere coincidence?

National Organization for Marriage reports that confidential information from its federal tax returns ended up with gay lobby Human Rights Campaign, which then was released by the Obama campaign to bash Romney’s support of marriage. NOM found the released returns carried markings used internally by the IRS.

According to Brian Brown, president of NOM, “HRC’s president at the time was serving as a Co-Chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign. This is a chilling set of circumstances that should ring alarm bells across the nation.”

When freedom of speech and press rights are abridged in the name of “national security,” that should always be a caution flag to liberals and conservatives alike.

Chief Justice John Marshall warned almost 200 years ago, “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.” Individual citizens and organizations who represent the opposition have been selectively targeted by the IRS, the most powerful and feared agency of the government. It is time for danger klaxons, sirens, and fiercely flashing lights.

“Although elections are part of the democratic process, they are never a substitute for it,” said Natan Sharansky, a distinguished fellow at the Shalem Center in Israel.

Fast and Furious, AP, Rosen, Benghazi, IRS: These scandals are a symptom of the poison now running through the veins of our elected government. When a society is poisoned or radicalized, democratic processes and tyranny can become indistinguishable.

The only antidote is truth and transparency ― something that seems increasingly in short supply.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BRCA1 Gene: Is the morning after pill also a cancer shadow for women?

Angelina Jolie, in a New York Times op-ed, revealed that she has the mutated BRCA1 (pronounced brak-uh) gene, a condition that gave her an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer. Jolie, whose mother died from the disease, decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy in February: “I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”

She closed her piece with this statement: “I choose not to keep my story private because there are many women who do not know that they might be living under the shadow of cancer.”

Although Jolie was referring to the estimated five percent of women who also carry the defective BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, 12 million women in America live under the shadow of cancer for a reason that neither media nor the medical community wants to talk about — the proven link between breast cancer and contraceptive pills.

Florence Williams at Slate reported in 2010, “Last summer, in a study of more than 50,000 African American women, Boston University epidemiologist Lynn Rosenberg found a 65 percent increase in a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer among those who had ever taken the birth control pill. The risk doubles for those who had used the contraceptive within the past five years and had taken it for longer than 10 years.”

LifeSiteNews reports that Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast surgical oncologist and cofounder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, calls the pill a “Molotov cocktail” for breast cancer. She points to several statistics, which she writes include “a 2006 Mayo Clinic meta-analysis that concluded that breast cancer risk rises 50 percent for women taking oral contraceptives four or more years before a full-term pregnancy. In 2009, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that women starting the pill before 18 nearly quadruple their risk of triple negative breast cancer. Even more shocking, Swedish oncologist Hakan Olsson concluded that pill use before the age of 20 increases a young woman’s breast cancer risk by more than 1000 percent.”

Lanfranchi also cites the International Agency of Research on Cancer: “In June 2005, 21 scientists of the World Health Organization’s International Agency of Research on Cancer met in France. After careful review of the world’s literature, they declared that estrogen-progestin combination drugs used in the birth control pill and hormone replacement were carcinogenic not only for breast, but also for cervical and liver cancers as well.”

According to the CDC, “The leading method of contraception in the United States in 2002 was the oral contraceptive pill. It was being used by 11.6 million women 15–44 years of age; it had ever been used by 44.5 million women 15–44 years of age.”

Irwin Goldstein, director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, says, “From a doc’s point of view, the pill is so easy.” The outspoken critic adds, “You give it to a freshman in college, and you don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant. It’s good for society, and if there are side effects, too bad.”

Our government’s last big brother brainstorm was to insist that our sex-hungry children needed the Gardasil vaccine to protect them from human papillomavirus. Dr. Peter Lind, writing for the Washington Times , reports that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) “has awarded $5,877,710 dollars to 49 victims in claims made against the highly controversial … vaccines.” Twenty-six young, previously healthy, girls are dead after Gardasil vaccination in just one year.

Now the FDA is pushing freer access to Plan B, the so-called morning after pill, to girls as young as 15. A federal judge says even that does not go far enough, noting that “in 2011 the FDA already recommended that Plan B One-Step be available over the counter to women and girls of all ages.” Plan B and other so-called emergency contraceptives (actually abortifacients) contain a massive dose of the same carcinogenic artificial hormones in the pill.

Because their breasts are still developing, teenage girls are the most susceptible to the pill’s carcinogenic effects, says Lanfranchie.

Not every study links the pill to increased breast cancer rates, but as Williams said, “That doesn’t excuse the media and many doctors from underplaying them. Maybe they’re just throwing up their hands in the face of competing statistics, but more likely there’s some good old-fashioned paternalism at work.”

Paternalism that keeps our wives, sisters, and daughters in the dark — and puts them in harm’s way.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What liberal media (really) fear about Gosnell trial

Over the past months, the horror perpetrated on women and babies at Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia, and the sensational serial murder trial of its operator Kermit Gosnell, continue to be totally ignored by mainstream media. Are they afraid to cover the story?

This blackout is necessary because the liberal media knows that Gosnell is far from the exception and the abortion industry cannot survive scrutiny.

For the most part, only Fox News, local Philadelphia media and pro-life outlets like LifeNews, LifeSiteNews and doggedly reported the gruesome testimony. This includes filth, unlicensed staff as young as 15 years old administering drugs or sonograms, Gosnell’s bizarre collection of severed baby parts, and drains clogged with baby remains and blood.

Even after complaints from his own staff and others, Gosnell was only busted in what authorities thought was a pill mill raid. Instead, they found a scene belonging in Saw or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Gosnell House of Horrors was replete with dripping bloody bags and filthy worn-out medical equipment. It even had a deranged doctor
talking about his latest baby victimbeing “big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.” More than 250 criminal counts. You could not write more sensational stuff for a horror movie, let alone the news.

Yet, day after day, even with the macabre testimony about midnight abortions, pretend doctors and the “beheading” of babies born alive, the reserved-for-media section of the courtroom remained almost vacant.

Columnist and political commentator Kirsten Powers, a Fox News contributor, was so appalled at the lack of coverage that she wrote a USA Today piece saying so. The firestorm that ensued, with liberals and feminists now claiming they had covered the story, had Powers writing another column:

So, the continued misleading claims that the trial has been widely covered are empirically false—as is Carmon’s claim on CNN Friday that the only reason anyone is talking about this is because of Fox News, always the left’s go-to scapegoat. Unless Fox News owns USA Today, I’m not sure what she is talking about. It’s remarkable how quickly a story of a trial about decapitated babies and maimed women was overshadowed by liberal rage at Fox News and the “conservative media” who allegedly were hypocrites because they hadn’t been covering it, either. (In fact, Fox News has run 11 stories over the course of the three-week trial, while The New York Times so far has run just one piece, on A-17, the day the trial began. 

One reason floated for the abysmal coverage is that pro-life activists might distort the story and damage “women’s access.” How far journalism has fallen from “the people have a right to know.” Would one insane pulmonary surgeon who implants toy balloons for lung transplants endanger the entire surgical profession? Of course not.

I suggest that the real reason for a pro-choice media is that shoddy practitioners, abortion clinics, and regulators seem commonplace across the nation. Gosnell alone had 46 lawsuits, but continued to practice in broad daylight.

Covering Gosnell prompts the inevitable question, “Are there others?” Just this month, Planned Parenthood of Delaware suspended surgical abortions when filthy conditions became public. A  former employee said it was like a “medical twilight zone,” with an abortion practitioner who ogled and slapped patients, improperly cleaned instruments and more Gosnell-like deficiencies.

In December 2012, police in Muskegon, Michigan, accidentally discovered “filthy” and unsanitary conditions throughout Robert Alexander’s clinic, including “blood on the floor and walls in multiple locations.” Once again, not health inspectors but police investigating a reported break-in, stumbled upon the mess.

Alexander’s “care” for his facility was only exceeded by his care for women. He “perforated the woman’s uterus so badly that it was hanging on by two blood vessels,” wrote the OB/GYN who had to save her. “The decapitated head of a fetus was in the woman’s abdomen and the large intestine had been grasped and pulled away from its blood supply and into the vagina. The woman required a hysterectomy, colonoscopy, and several units of blood to save her life.”

Other “women’s reproductive healthcare professionals,” as Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry like to say, served 24-year-old Tonya Reaves, who bled to death at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago. A kindergarten teacher, 29-year-old Jennifer Morbelli from New Rochelle, New York, died at the hands of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, caught on video describing a dying preborn baby as like “meat in a slow cooker.”

In fact, medical emergencies at abortion clinics are common enough that Operation Rescue has documented 23 nationwide just since the first of the year. But, as Planned Parenthood alone runs 173 surgical abortion clinics, it is logical that hundreds, even thousands, go unreported.

Babies born alive after botched abortions appear to be routinely murdered, left to die or helped along as in the case against Gosnell. ACLJ reports the CDC WONDER database reveals “that 362 infant deaths (i.e., first born alive) as a result of an attempted abortion have been reported in the most recently available 10-year period, 2001-2010.” Testimony alleges that Gosnell alone committed hundreds of post-birth abortion murders before he was accidentally discovered.

Although required by law, abortions performed on young girls who may be sexually abused or exploited often go unreported, leaving the girl at continued risk and her parents without the knowledge of what happened.  Suspected pimps, sex traffickers, and underage girls are coached by abortion clinic workers on how to fill out forms in such a way as to avoid reporting laws.

“Law enforcement and child protection services (CPS) in Kalamazoo, Michigan have declined to investigate at least ten cases of possible child-rape unreported by a local abortion clinic,” reports Catholic Exchange. Anne Norton, a pro-life sidewalk counselor, claims that she “witnessed an 11-year-old girl taken into  the [Planned Parenthood of South Central Michigan] abortion clinic for a pregnancy test, where she tested positive. Norton interviewed the girl’s mother, collected witness statements, sworn affidavits, and other evidence but authorities were reluctant to investigate the sexual assault and bring to justice the perpetrator of this heinous crime.”

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (now defunct but soon to re-open) proudly posted a letter on its website from a 17-year-old girl thankful for its services throughout her short life. She recounted how, when she was 11, her 17-year-old boyfriend raped her. She stated that she decided to start having consensual sex at age 14 and got her birth control pills at PPGG. The letter was taken down when people began to ask if PPGG had ever reported the obvious crime.

Today, abortion clinics are more legally savvy about such public boasts, but Live Action says, “We have investigated Planned Parenthood’s failure to report child sexual abuse to law enforcement and have caught them on camera failing to properly report over 14 times.”

A Kansas affiliate of Planned Parenthood and abortionist failed to report 166 potential cases of child rape. However, after the felony case was derailed by then-governor, now HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the attorney general prosecuting the case, Phill Kline, instead found himself in court defending his actions against charges of  impropriety brought upon by  Planned Parenthood’s attorneys. According to Kline, the charges were to “disgorge me of evidence against Planned Parenthood by their attorneys.”

With the Gosnell revelations and others, finally some (GOP) lawmakers are demanding answers. A letter sent by House Energy and Commerce Committee to states reads, in part, “Now we’re discovering that other big abortion businesses refuse to give medical treatment to babies who survive botched abortions and we’re finding out the truth from former pro-choice nurses who called their own Gosnell-like clinics ‘ridiculously unsafe’ where ‘meat-market style of assembly-line abortions’ happen.”

Tennessee congresswoman Marsha Blackburn explained, “Oversight and enforcement are desperately needed so we can help stop these Gosnell scenarios from continuing.”

Unfortunately, while that sentiment may be well intentioned, it is also misguided. Regulations have not stopped and will not stop more Gosnell horrors.

Laws against late-term abortions, and even post-birth abortion murder, are ignored by both abortionists (and politically correct enforcement agencies). Laws meant to protect children by requiring reporting of suspected child abuse and rape are ignored. Laws requiring licensed medical professionals to administer drugs and do procedures are ignored. Heartbeat, fetal pain, and late-term abortion laws intended to protect at least some preborn children are ignored.

Fraud, personal injury, and coerced abortion lawsuits filed against Planned Parenthood and other abortionists play counterpoint to lawsuits filed by abortion lawyers to overturn parental consent and informed consent regulations.

In that USAToday column, Powers wrote, “You don’t have to oppose abortion rights to find late-term abortion abhorrent or to find the Gosnell trial eminently newsworthy. This is not about being “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” It’s about basic human rights.”

Regulating abortion does no more to solve the horror than trying to regulate terrorism. It just brings more attention to it. In the end, grievous violence against the preborn innocent and their mothers must simply be eliminated.

Basic human rights demand it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Gosnell abortion horrors are only tip of the iceberg

America awaits the verdict in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. What is still not making the news is that the Gosnell house of horrors is merely an unintended glimpse into the daily reality of the abortion industry.
What Gosnell was doing is no different than what happens in Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro–Choice and other abortion clinics over 1.2 million times every year. It stems from the same mindset found in any abortuary in any building in any small town community or big city.

He named his house of horrors Women’s Medical Society. It sounded so nice and clean, almost alike a Victorian society of gentile women. That is all the Pennsylvania authorities and “pro-choicers” wanted to see.

In reality, Gosnell happily worked in foul conditions and was cavalier about death to the point of pathology. But, the abortions for which he is on trial, the murders that he committed, in the end are like any abortion—inflicting death on the most innocent for personal profit.
Gosnell just did not bother with fancy window dressing. In that sense, his operations were more honest than most: Abortion is a filthy business, a white-tiled shiny abortion chamber does not change that.

Death, deception and exploitation of women and young girls are standard operating procedure in a field that is in the business of killing preborn human beings for money. Why would abortionists not tell a girl to just flush an untimely birth down the toilet?

To do that job and live with yourself, you must either adopt the belief that a preborn baby is only potential excrement or assume that certain human beings lack the right not to be murdered. And, you must convince your customers of the same.

This sociopathology is now showing up in our children. And why would it not after 40 years of teaching our children to disregard and devalue life in order to promote legalized abortions?

We see it when we read that a 19-year-old high school girl found it acceptable to simply flush her own baby down the toilet at school and go about her day as if nothing unusual just happened.

We see it when we read about a 14-year-old junior high girl who did exactly the same. Sex means nothing to these children, so why should a child?

Ron Taffel, in “The Wall of Silence: Reinventing Therapy to Reach the New Teens (Psychotherapy Networker, May/June 2001), relates this story:

“Margaret was …  proud of being the kind of with-it mother a girl could really talk to about what it was like to be young and exploring life… .  Margaret’s dreamy vision of mutual trust and openness exploded the day she came home unexpectedly to find her [14-year-old] daughter in the bathtub having sex with two boys. Shrieking, she got the boys dressed and out of the house. Then, she confronted her daughter.

Adding insult to injury, Lauren protested that the whole incident had been entirely innocent and her mother’s mean-spirited suspicions unwarranted. “You must have been imagining we were having sex because your parents were so strict and you were wild as a kid,” she said. “Besides, there were bubbles in the tub—how could you know what was really going on?”

For a brief moment, Margaret nearly fell for it—was it possible she had gotten it wrong? Then, furious anew, she asked, “What do you think I am—a damn fool?”

“Yes,” Lauren said flatly.

“We are indeed seeing a new kind of teenager embedded in a far more raw, intense, and pervasive youth culture than ever before, complete with new rules of adolescence. True, teens have always been sexual, but 12- and 13-year-old suburban kids didn’t used to get together for group oral and anal sex parties. Indeed, studies show that the age of the onset of sexuality has decreased since the ‘70s.”

That was over a decade ago and the trend has only accelerated. Why?

Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values,” states the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. SIECUS is used as an accrediting organization for sex educators in K-12 schools.

What sort of attitudes, beliefs, and values does SIECUS and the sex education industry instill?               
Concerned Women for America quotes SIECUS: “The primary goal of SIECUS, according to [co-founder Dr. Mary S. Calderone], is to teach human sexuality ‘very broadly and deeply with awareness of the vital importance of infant and childhood sexuality.’” SIECUS believes a child’s sexuality should ‘be developed in the same way as the child’s inborn human capacity to talk or to walk, and that [the parents’] role should relate only [emphasis added] to teaching the child the appropriateness of privacy, place, and person—in a word, socialization.’”

Does “develop” sexuality and limiting the parents’ rights sound like anything to do with protecting children from sexualization and exploitation?

Calderone is the former medical director for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The major funder for SIECUS is our government—a division of the National Institutes of Health. Some things never change.

We have allowed our government to use billions of our tax dollars over the decades to fund the very people who teach our children to believe that sex is essential and recreational at any age. A baby who results is not human, but a disease to be eradicated. Discard him in the toilet, trash can or medical bag. It makes no difference.

And then we are shocked when youngsters display the very attitude that allows the Gosnells and the Planned Parenthoods of the world to exist? Gosnell is only the tip of this cultural iceberg the USS Titanic is heading toward at full speed.

We contract with abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to go into our schools and promote grotesque beliefs to our children under the mantel of diversity and healthy sex choices. Obamacare earmarks $350 million tax dollars to fund “comprehensive” sex education, which instills an amoral view of sex in schoolchildren.

Perhaps we are all damn fools.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Note to Obama: God will not bless evil...or Planned Parenthood

Note to Obama: God will not bless evil...or Planned Parenthood.

Paul E. Rondeau

Planned Parenthood, the sex-industry chain that commits more abortions (over 330,000 baby deaths last year alone) than any other legalized murder-store in America, has defrauded the government, protected child rapists, coached pimps and sex traffickers how to get around the law, and continues to be one of the largest purveyors of pornographic sex ed in the world. Its Pennsyulvania affiliate even knew of, but did not report, the Gosnell abortion horrors, which included severed baby feet, infant beheadings, and drains clogged with fetal remains.

So, if you are the first sitting president in history to address Planned Parenthood at its national conference—an organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist and eugenics promoter of The Negro Project meant to eliminate “human weeds” like the poor, minorities, and undesirables in general—what do you say? If you are Barack Obama, you say, “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

Obama turns back the clock

The Christian Post reported that Obama went on to claim, “After decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. And they’ve been involved in an orchestrated and historic effort to roll back basic rights when it comes to women’s health.”

Somehow, Obama forgot to mention the jaw-dropping testimony of Planned Parenthood representative Alisa LaPolt Snow. She testified against a bill in Florida that says a child who survives a late-term abortion and is born alive  should get medical attention. Snow maintained that even after birth, the child’s fate is a woman’s right to choose.

But, of course, as a state senator in Indiana, Obama himself voted four times against protecting babies born alive from botched abortions: They could be left to die on the table—a post-birth abortion.
Therefore, it is Obama who wants to turn back the clock to a time when an unwanted baby, like property, could be set adrift on the floating ice, left for wild animals to consume, or given into slavery. Or, just left to die.

Kids sex ed too shocking for adults

According to two newspapers, Planned Parenthood’s sex ed for children is too “shocking” and “graphic” even for adults. The New York Times and Washington Post both refused advertisements that depicted the cartoons intended for children as young as ten years of age—cartoons shown as part of a program paid for with taxpayer dollars.

PP starts by saturating children in kindergarten with the idea that sex anytime, anywhere, and with anyone is normal and desirable. PP teaches children to act like there is no limit or morality to sexual pleasure; the only danger is conceiving a child.

In his speech at PP’s annual conference on April 26, Obama’s praise overflowed: “You are somebody that women—young women, old women, women in between—count on for so many important services. And we are truly grateful to you.”

How is helping women kill their children, sexualizing children for profit, leaving newborn babies to die on a table, and facilitating child predators all something of pride to Obama—something for which anyone could be grateful?  That God would bless?

He calls these abominations choice, diversity, and comprehensive sex education.  It gets him votes.  Then, Obama slops hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into the Planned Parenthood pigsty.
Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 19:14)  So, just what vile act does Obama think God would bless?  Obama may be sincere in his delusion about the some imagined “good” of Planned Parenthood, but it is still a vile delusion.

“I want to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way,” Obama told the Planned Parenthood crowd.

The tragedy is that we elected this man—twice.  Pray for Mr. Obama…and pray for America.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hate industry: Fastest growing sector under Obama

The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Brotherhood, and American Nazi Party are the old haters: They tend to get shot a lot, lose limbs, or end up in prison.  Those groups are lucky if they have a strip mall office in what used to be a failed shoe store.
The new hate industry has big shiny buildings, richly paid executives, lots of staff, fancy public relations firms, tons of positive media headlines, and hundreds of millions of dollars — sometimes billions — in annual revenue. They are invited into and appointed to offices on-high in government, schools, and law enforcement.

Today’s hate industry does not make itself conspicuous by burning crosses, conducting lynchings, or orchestrating bombings—at least not in the traditional sense. Today’s hate industry is based on labeling others as haters. That’s where the profit is, whether that means money, power, or (usually) both.

Hate-labeling is flourishing within the halls of government and the self-anointed media; it’s encouraged at the highest levels, by President Barack Obama himself.

The target is not violent people intent on hurting fellow citizens or blowing up the government, but instead those who are pro-family, pro-faith, pro-life — anyone who has pro-American values. Clever marketing schemes like “war on women,” the “one per-centers,” and not doing “your fair share” mask the true nature of the underlying hate campaign. Other hate cards include words like homophobic, tolerance, extreme, and ignorant.

Does Obama hate pre-Obama America?

When husband Barack was elected, Michelle Obama said she was proud of the United States for “the first time in my life.” Does her husband share that sentiment?

We know that Obama sat in the same church for 20 years, attending a congregation where the incendiary sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright — the pastor who officiated Obama’s wedding — preached black nationalism, liberation theology, and condemned the America that brought 9/11 itself with its own “terrorism.” As Wright recently said, “You don’t change who you are because of where you are.”

We also know that hate and fear-mongering at the top, like other excrement, flow downhill.

LifeSiteNews reports that “a series of reports from the Department of Homeland Security and West Point, as well as a training seminar for FBI agents, have depicted pro-life Christians as the most likely source of domestic terrorism. A number of pro-lifers believe the Obama administration is attempting to gather intelligence on the pro-life movement.”

Fox News learned that during an Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on extremism, “the U.S. Army listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania … The military also listed ‘Islamophobia’ as a form of religious extremism.”

Maybe that’s why Major Nidal Malik Hasan — a Muslim who had e-mail contacts with terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki — can kill 13 people at Ft. Hood while shouting “God is great” in Arabic, plead guilty, and still have the shooting classified only as workplace violence.

As insiders know in Washington, “Personnel is policy.” So what can Obama appointees tell us?
Eric Holder’s Department of Justice dropped voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party because the victims were white. Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, Mark Lloyd — a former George Soros employee — reportedly said that the “purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance.”

Kevin Jennings, cofounder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) — an organization that fights “institutionalized heterosexism” and sponsored the shocking Fistgate scandal — was named as Obama’s safe school czar. Safe for homosexuality, but certainly not freedom of speech or religion.

Obama personally selected former Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius to head up Health and Human Services, the epicenter of Obamacare. She is so militantly pro-abortion that her Catholic bishop banned her from receiving Holy Communion — an extraordinary action dictated by Canon 915 that is (too) rarely employed.

As governor, Sebelius’ administration shredded all key evidence in an ongoing felony case against Planned Parenthood and famous late-term abortionist George Tiller. The documents confirmed “164 cases of underage rape or statutory rape went unreported and [thus could not be] investigated by authorities.” With the evidence destroyed, both Sebelius and PP walked away with all charges dropped.

Progress? Progressive? To where?

This is not just politics. Sooner or later, the government and the people start to believe such propaganda — and act on it. Like tyrants, they justify their criminal actions as for the greater good.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, once a legitimate civil rights organization, now lists groups that oppose homosexual marriage — groups such as Family Research Council  and American Family Association — as hate groups alongside white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and skinheads. SPLC scares hundreds of millions of dollars from “trembling liberals aghast at … lurid depictions of hate-sodden America,” reports Charlotte Allen at The Weekly Standard. SPLC headquarters is so lavish it was dubbed “Poverty Palace.” Recently, a gay rights gunman targeted FRC after finding it on the SPLC hate list.

Tammy Bruce, an unapologetic self-described lesbian feminist, issues this warning in her book The New Thought Police: “Our freedom to speak our minds is under attack … powerful special interest groups on the Left are mounting a withering assault on our rights in the name of ‘social equality.’”

Well, that certainly qualifies as “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.