Monday, February 1, 2010

Gay Community or Gay Cult?

Do self-proclaimed gay leaders use cult-like messaging to keep those with same-sex attraction from questioning themselves or the cause?

A cult is defined "as a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols." Another definition is: "any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person [or persons] usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease..."

Gays certainly hold their sex as sacred above all else: tradition, faith, common sense.   And they certainly claim that only they have divine insight into how this is all normal.  Everybody is else is ignorant, homophobic, or both.  Sound familiar?

Only after it becomes known that a group does something wildly illogical do we call them a 'cult'. Meanwhile, the cult members remain convinced that it is they who are the enlightened ones and they see the rest of us as lacking. 

For example, having unlimited anonymous sex in bath houses even though you are killing yourselves.  Or, insisting that even with a plethora of cancers, STDs, mental health issues, and substance abuse higher than anyone else, that homosexual behavior is healthy and normal.  Does this sound logical?

People choose their own propaganda to support what they need to believe. And an isolated compound is not necessary to become a victim of that propaganda. You can be alone in a crowd.

Thirty-nine people in San Diego killed their "earthly containers" in order to be taken up in a space ship hiding in the tale of the Hale Bopp comet. Only then did the public know Heavens Gate as a cult.

I lived near a idyllic ski town north of Montreal called Morin Heights. A decade later, friends called to tell me that five people there had burned themselves to death. A video left behind explained that they believed that this transported them to be reborn on a planet called Sirius. More than 60 other members of Order of the Solar Temple members repeated the bizarre ritual in Quebec, France and Switzerland over the next three years.

See if you recognize these rhetorical drums beaten 24-7 by gay leaders:
  •  DESTINY: You are born homosexual. Being gay is your destiny. Be proud and embrace it.
  •  LOVE: Only total affirmation of homosexual behavior is love. Anything less from family and friends is homophobic. Anything less from you is denial and 'internalized homophobia'.
  •  BELONGING: Don't try to leave homosexuality: you will fail and you will harm yourself. You will be a traitor to yourself, your gay friends, and the cause.
  •  TRUTH: Only gay leadership know Truth because they have the vision of the anointed. Gay worldview must be forced on others because society is sick, not gays.
How are these messages any different than a cult?

If you convinced that you were trapped in homosexuality with no hope for change, no matter how unhappy, conflicted, and unhealthy this made your personal life, what propaganda might you need to believe?

And, after doing what you are told, embracing your homosexuality, and still not feeling happy and healthy, who might you blame?

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